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Serpjoy - Simple website marketing
Serpjoy helps website owners get more traffic from search engines and increase revenue, with the right tools and guidance every step of the way.

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Serpjoy - Simple website marketing
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Serpjoy helps website owners get more traffic from search engines and increase revenue, with the right tools and guidance every step of the way.
Learn how to write a great meta description
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h1 1
  1. The simplest SEO platform you'll ever use
h2 5
  1. We make SEO understandable (finally!)
  2. Stress-free dashboard
  3. How does it work?
  4. Powerful Marketing Playbooks
  5. Get more traffic to your website
h3 16
  1. Intuitive dashboard
  2. Smart tasks tailored to your website
  3. Website performance score
  4. Millions of keywords
  5. Instant website audit
  6. Easy to use SEO tools
  7. Marketing playbooks
  8. We scan your website and tell you what to improve
  9. Use our easy SEO tools to shape your marketing
  10. Get other websites to link back to yours
  11. Your Brand on Page 1
  12. Reddit Hot Topics
  13. Fresh B2B SaaS Ideas
  14. Forums for Niche Drilldowns
  15. The How-To for Blog Posts
  16. The Quora Question Goldmine
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serpjoy website marketing
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  1. og:url
  2. og:site_name Serpjoy
  3. og:locale en_US
  4. og:type website
  5. og:title Serpjoy - Simple website marketing
  6. og:description Serpjoy helps website owners get more traffic and leads from search engines.
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  8. og:image:secure_url
  9. og:image:width 1500
  10. og:image:height 780
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  2. twitter:site @Serpjoy
  3. twitter:creator @Serpjoy
  4. twitter:title Serpjoy - Simple website marketing
  5. twitter:description Serpjoy helps website owners get more traffic from search engines.
  6. twitter:image 7
  1. @context
  2. @type WebSite
  3. name Serpjoy
  4. alternateName Serpjoy
  5. description Get your business infront of more customers online with guides and tools for SEO, content marketing, social media, and competitive research.
  6. url
  7. potentialAction
    • @type SearchAction
    • target
      • @type EntryPoint
      • urlTemplate{search_term_string}
    • query-input required name=search_term_string
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width=device-width, initial-scale=1
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  1. --ar-scroll-height: 520px;
  2. max-width: 560px; height: 720px;
  3. max-width: 740px;
  4. position:relative;z-index:1
  5. max-width: 480px;
  6. top: 20%; right: 17%;
  7. bottom: 20%; right: 17%;
  8. top: 20%; left: 17%;
  9. max-width: 336px;
  10. max-width: 336px;
  11. max-width: 336px;
  12. max-width: 1160px;
  13. border-radius: calc(var(--ar-border-radius) * 1.25);
  14. width: 42px;
  15. background-color: rgba(255,255,255, .02);
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